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13A 2 Port electric Wi-Fi wall socket with USB charging, power monitoring

If you are in search of the best Wi-Fi socket, you are in right place. Here we provide you with the best wall socket with USB charging.

To connect with small appliances in the home, 13A 2 Wi-Fi wall socket can help you. The smart plugs used in it make it easy to automate and control home gadgets.

Users can use the ports where they get direct energy to their electronic devices. Moreover, they can get Wi-Fi directly on the appliances using these sockets.

What are the major uses of Wi-Fi wall socket?

This socket can be helpful for many purposes in daily life. Mainly, people use it for security concern where they connect these sockets directly with cameras.

So, they can control them all by voice commands. It is compatible with every smart device like google home and Alexa.

Users have to connect the Wi-Fi socket with smart devices and set the timer here for power monitoring. It will automatically start performing its tasks.

This electric port is full of advanced features. Here we will tell you the main points of it that will force the customers to give it a try.

Feature of Wi-Fi wall socket

The top characteristics of this electric socket that attracts the users are:

  • Easy to use: The control of this amazing socket with USB charging is very simple. You can control smart lights, lamps, and LEDs using this electric socket.
  • Control anywhere: Doesn’t matter where you are sitting at the moment. You can control the electric appliances directly on your mobile phone.
  • Voice system: This amazing socket detects the voice quite easily. It works on Alexa and googles assistant that makes it good as a voice controller.
  • Two ports: 13A 2 electric sockets contain 2 ports. One is for charging the mobile phones and the other can be used in energy monitoring.
  • Compatible anywhere: You can connect any of your smart home appliances with this electric Wi-Fi port. It is compatible with every device and can connect to anyone.
  • Smart usage: Either you are away from home, this electric port gives the facility to control everything with a single click on your mobile phone.

Working of Wi-Fi wall socket

You can use this wall socket using by applying steps.

  • Search for the smart specs app from Google play store or iOS app store.
  • Download and install the application on your mobile phone.
  • Create the account by giving login details.
  • Enter your email there and get registered to make the account.
  • Here a code will be generated that you can use to control gadgets on your mobile phone.

Smart specs of Wi-Fi socket

This advanced wall socket has numerous specs that can amuse the users. You can control everything on your mobile phone directly.

  • Users can control every home appliance through a remote.
  • Through one remote, you can control multiple devices. When the application is installed on the mobile phone, there you get the option to select the devices that you want to control remotely.
  • You can easily connect to the appliances using this amazing socket.
  • To perform multiple functions, you can also set the timer in it.


If someone is getting the offer to control every single thing with one button, why he will decline such an amazing offer.

13A 2 electric socket is the one that can help the users to directly connect smart devices to the remote.

Users can on/off devices by their mobile phone. This socket is one of the best with a USB charging feature. Its smart specs make the tasks of people simpler.

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